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Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna - Tom Soloveitzik

The idea for Tel-Aviv Flora & Fauna started developing from remnants, debris, and other everyday mutations that I found around me, in my daily surroundings here in Tel Aviv, in the intersection between urban life and nature. I first framed them in the visual realm and then moved on, exploring ways to communicate them via sound. All the instruments in this piece (except the saxophone) — guitar, crotales, contrabass and cymbals — were played using a bow. During our session in the studio, the outside surroundings of southern Tel Aviv were recorded from the rooftop above us and were later used as additional sound material. --Tom Soloveitzik

released September 2, 2020

Orr Sinay - double bass
Yoni Niv - crotales
Shaul Kohn - acoustic guitar
Haggai Fershtman - cymbals
Tom Soloveitzik - tenor saxophone

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