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Selected works

Is a live performed sound installation and ongoing research containing different sound spaces written in the form of map scores which create a spectral catalog of the double bass through varying  approaches. The live installation sends each played note (through Ableton Live) to different speakers scattered throughout the space (between 4 to 8 speakers). The audience is invited to walk in the space, and through their movement between the speakers, hear their own individually mixed piece. 

The catalog research - still in progress - started during the “Mamuta Sound” residency and currently contains around 12 different spectrums. Other “Spectrums” performed in different sound events during the last year include: HaMazkeka, Bezalel art school, YUNFA Art Space and Spectrum #8 (commissioned by Israel Festival in Sep2020).

Score example

Mobile Budka are exploring the edges and refreshing the gap between new composed music and free improvisation.

The trio was founded in 2017 and combines experimental sounds and noise with clear melodies and time;  everything is allowed if it's played with the right energy of uncompromising music


Orr Sinay - Double bass +

Denis Sobolov - Guitar ++

Adam Cohen - Drums +++

a Solo piece/perfromance created in 2016 and keep changing ever since.

The piece uses the body of the instrument/s and let it project the life that exists in it; creates the sound from the living wood, then manipulate it with amplification, then use it as a platform for new instrument.

CalArts LA, 2016

ArtShare / The Wulf LA 2017

Site specific work, commissioned by Hedim, MeKudeshet Festival 2017.

The tunnel is a sound vessel, and under one of Jerusalem’s highways a conversation between a string trio and the tunnel begins.


Experimental composition for any trio, originally written for Dan Wainstein (cello), Ayelet Lerman (Viola) and myself (double bass) and for the specific tunnel in Gan Saker, Jerusalem.


Highway sounds drip into the tunnel that is a womb for the performers and their string instruments that are themselves vessels for the frequencies.

7 changeable parts, 40 minutes, cycle 3 times.

2015-09-01 11.47.52.jpg

Bikurim Project

Composed by Anat Shamgar, Dan Weinstein, Orr Sinay, Ayelet Avidan, Or Ashkenazi, Zuki RIngret, Hovav Landoy, Noga Segev.

View Cuts is a collaboration based on a communication between music and dance. Following the participants' and our interest in the form of ensemble, we structured a polyphonic path of six voices, trying to become one voice, letting the mutual aesthetics discover new meanings for the creative process.

Performace at HaTeiva TLV, Dec 2017

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