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Structured Pieces

research started in 2014 around the idea of composing for improvisers, learning there  language and transform it to a raw material of a piece.

every piece is written especially for specific musicians, try to give them new forms and options that lead there specialty to a new creation that is different from there improvisation habits.  

In- Sight תמונה.png

from - Vessel Within a Vessel II August 2017

for Dan Weinstein, Ayelet Lerman and Orr SInay

from In - Sight II November 2015

for Garrett Rhickman and Orr SInay

2015-09-01 11.47.52.jpg

Structured # 1 II April 2017

for The Millennium Brass Ensemble

Who... II November 2016

for Cody Putman and Orr Sinay

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