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Hyperdirection is a series of interactive video performances by Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson

It is a system of choices and decisions where the performer edits a video in real time through the software MaxMSP. The synthesis of these real-time edits, both controlled and not controlled, ask to create and represent a new elusive non-place, in conversation with various iterations of oneself.

The videos and sound mutually influence one another: as the performer’s choices in what they play is dictated by what they are seeing and hearing from the video and the video changes based on what the performer plays.

Choosing between a set palette of sounds and textures, the musicians negotiate their relationship to the sound threshold of the video mixer, seeking the invisible boundaries of the software.

The two videos are single shots of performer/choreographer Anat Shamgar walking between two intersections in the greater Dead Sea region. Her movement in and out of the frame and through the space was influenced by a score which instructed her to respond to her physical environment.

The performers all interact in a non-hierarchical relationship between sound and image, and the gray areas between the video frame and the viewer.

Tom Soloveitzik, saxophone
Nitai Levi, bass clarinet
Anat Shamgar, video performance

April 24 2021 - Aqua Alta Live, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel
April 10 2021 - Musica Nova's Aqua Alta Concert, online

This version is a 30-minute deep exploration of percussive sounds and synchronization, performed by drummer Adam Cohen.

September 28 2021 - Ptilia Concert Series, HaTachana, Sha'ar HaAmakim, Israel

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