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The Art of Dying

The Art of dying II Barak Vaknin (2011)

אומנות המיתה, דרכו של פאן II ברק וקנין (2011)

Green Grass

Green Grass // Orr Sinay and Maya Kessel (2010)

Collaborating project of live music for experimental film

Cinematography, Editing, Production and Direction by Maya Kessel

Guidance, compose, double bass and guitar - Orr Sinay

Voice - Faye Shapiro
Flute - Dana izen
Trumpet - Tal Avraham
Percussion - Ronnie Wagner

Love Bag (2014)

Love Bag (2014)
Short film by Dina Zilberg
original music for film

© all rights belong to "Sam Spiegel film school"

Sukka in the Desert (2013)

Maya Kessel II Sukka in the Desert (2013)

original music for a short film 

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