With dance

 View Cuts | Bikurim Project

Composed by Anat Shamgar, Dan Weinstein, Orr Sinay, Ayelet Avidan, Or Ashkenazi, Zuki RIngret, Hovav Landoy, Noga Segev.

View Cuts is a collaboration based on a communication between music and dance. Following the participants' and our interest in the form of ensemble, we structured a polyphonic path of six voices, trying to become one voice, letting the mutual aesthetics discover new meanings for the creative process.

Performace at HaTeiva TLV, Dec 2017

 Epsilon // Orr Sinay and Noa Ezrahi

Collaboration project between choreographer and dancer Noah Ezrahi and Musician Orr Sinay, composed, recorded, edited and mixed the music.

clarinet player Tomer Amikam.

Orr awarded this work 1st place at Gertrud Kraus competitions "Music for dance", 2013.

 Free diving | ToolBox 2015

The stage is flooded with cotton flowers that create a layered landscape. with this estetice we dive into a soft, primary, and organic world. The excess material allows us to reach the most basic elements of this work (and existence); place, body, movement, sound and the possible junctions between them. The body in this work asks to dive into the cotton and disappear in its depths, but the endless friction of the body with the material emphasizes and defines its borders, separateness and independence.

Created and Performed By Eden Wiseman 

Co-creator and performer :  Guy Schulber 

Original Music: Ori Dvir and Orr Sinay.

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