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7.3.18 - HaTeiva TLV Musica Nova Ensemble - Acoustic Fields concert

7.3.18 - HaTeiva TLV Musica Nova Ensemble - Acoustic Fields concert

The idea for Tel-Aviv Flora & Fauna started developing from remnants, debris, and other everyday mutations that I found around me, in my daily surroundings here in Tel Aviv, in the intersection between urban life and nature. I first framed them in the visual realm and then moved on, exploring ways to communicate them via sound. All the instruments in this piece (except the saxophone) — guitar, crotales, contrabass and cymbals — were played using a bow. During our session in the studio, the outside surroundings of southern Tel Aviv were recorded from the rooftop above us and were later used as additional sound material. --Tom Soloveitzik

released September 2, 2020

Orr Sinay - double bass
Yoni Niv - crotales
Shaul Kohn - acoustic guitar
Haggai Fershtman - cymbals
Tom Soloveitzik - tenor saxophone

Double Trio Ensemble exploring the sound of 3 strings (Violin, Cello, Double Bass) with 3 clarinets (in different combinations).


The ensemble performs contemporary pieces that contains improvisation (written or arranged for the ensemble), at 2017, as part of Tectonics Festival​ we premiered in Israel pieces by Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman, Armand Angster and more.


Clarinets and Bass Clarinets:

Gilad Harel, Nitai Levi, Tomer Amikam.

Violin/Viola: Moshe Aharonov

Dan Weinstein: Cello 

Orr Sinay: Double bass

The mission of Visible Lines is to expose more people to classical music via performances in alternative stages

(urban settings vs. fancy concert halls).

The project connects musicians from different cities through social media to perform together in their community.

every piece performs in different city and country in the world.

 ELI BEN AVI  - composer, founder of visible lines

 LOUIS LAMBEAU - video, editing & sound engineer

 KEVIN ZAMMIT - video, still photography & art

Amir Weiss - Guitar

Eyal Netzer - Saxophone

Orr Sinay - Contrabass