a Solo piece/perfromance created in 2016 and keep changing ever since.

The piece uses the body of the instrument/s and let it project the life that exists in it; creates the sound from the living wood, then manipulate it with amplification, then use it as a platform for new instrument.

Mobile Budka are exploring the edges and refreshing the gap between new composed music and free improvisation.

The trio was founded in 2017 and combines experimental sounds and noise with clear melodies and time;  everything is allowed if it's played with the right energy of uncompromising music


Orr Sinay - Double bass +

Denis Sobolov - Guitar ++

Adam Cohen - Drums +++

A site specific work commisioned by Hedim at Mekudeshet Festival(2017).


The concept behind this work was to consider the body as a vessel and instrument which is performing within another vessel, in this case, a tunnel. We took a specific tunnel under one of the roads in Jerusalem and played 3 rounds of 1 hour performances. The tunnel was chosen especially because of the tones in D which you can hear in its reverberations.


The piece can be performed by any trio - in this performance it was performed with a viola, cello, and double bass. The score is a series of 7 cards of which, the players decides a specific order to play the cards. Each time performed, a different order of the cards


Ayelet Lerman - Viola

Dan Weintstein - Cello

Orr Sinay - Double Bass

research started in 2014 around the idea of composing for improvisers, learning there  language and transform it to a raw material of a piece.

every piece is written especially for specific musicians, try to give them new forms and options that lead there specialty to a new creation that is different from there improvisation habits.  

Structured # 1 II April 2017

for The Millennium Brass Ensemble

from In - Sight II November 2015

for Garrett Rhickman and Orr SInay

Who... II November 2016

for Cody Putman and Orr Sinay

from - Vessel Within a Vessel II August 2017

for Dan Weinstein, Ayelet Lerman and Orr SInay

TOKONOMA is a contemporary Jazz/improv quintet founded by Orr SInay in 2015 at Los Angeles and Israel simultaneously.


Orr Sinay - Double Bass

Haim Peskoff - Drums 

Eyal Netzer - Tenor 

Mattan Yerushalmi - Alto

Tal Avraham - Trumpet


Orr Sinay - Double Bass

Jacob Richards - Drums 

Peter park - Guitar 

Carol Chaikin - Alto

Chris Williams - Trumpet

Cubes composition method that use precisely writing for the performers  while the conductor gets "free hand" to improvise and deiced in real time everything else

A Sound Sculpture Commissioned by ToolBox Festival (2015), JLM.

The Musician That Wasn't There allow the music to create itself by sound movements in space that feed themselves.

under metal net there is 2 big sub-woofers that feedback each other within a loop that will never end.

the net shakes. the elements on it shakes too and change there position continually. 


the monument is alive and creating its own music with no need for help.