Free Improv

Orr Sinay and Faye Shapiro challenging the art of music together at the last 7 years. work, perform in different collaborations and occasions in many concert halls, tunnels and other edgy spaces. ​ Faye and Orr Co-founded together the women ensemble "Dionysus Express"; Now, after few years abroad (LA and NY) they starting a new duo collaboration under the aim of spectral language search that morph the bass with the human voice and much more.

is a concert series organized by Orr which brought people to play for the first time together. It was within a "lab" format, to allow space to show compositions and works in progress. Held once a month in Los Angeles between 2016-17.


Notable participants: Ulrich Kreiger, Vinny Golia, Sara Cubarsi, Steven Orenstein and more.

Playground is a free-improv duo between Orr Sinay and Stephen Horenstein based in Israel with performances in Israel and Los Angeles. In each performance, the duo plays on instruments which are already a part of the environment in which they are performaning.

“Improvisation is the only Artform in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time. It is the hidden things, the subconscious that lets you know you feel this, you play this.” – Ornette Coleman